Bowfishing is a growing sport that can be done by anyone. Whether you are an experienced archer, or have never even pulled back a bow, you will have a great time on the water. Our guided trips are on Moses Lake and Potholes Reservoir where you will see thousands of fish. With the sun shining on your back in Eastern Washington, this will be like nothing you have ever experienced.

All fishing equipment is provided.

We shoot nothing but the best! Our bows are the new Mako fishing bows from Alpine Archery. We can adjust the not only the draw weight on the spot, but also the draw length, allowing us to accomodate almost anyone. Our Mako bows are fitted with the AMS Retriever Pro reels. These are the safest, fastest, most user friendly reels on the market. Our setup will have you shooting fish like a seasoned verterain in no time.

Fishing licenses are NOTrequired and there is NOLIMIT.

Cost :

Day trips: $125/person. 4 hours per trip. 4 Person Maximum.

Night Trips: $$150/person. 2 Person Minimum. 4 Person Maximum